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Patient and Visitors Guide

Guide to optimizing your clinical care experience with MLHC

Due to limitations in current digital health systems, the consulting physician must review information from multiple sources in conjunction with the history you provide to synthesize a holistic narrative and well-informed recommendation. This includes the hospital health records, provincial health data repository, diagnostic imaging portals, and blood laboratory database. This work is often done prior to or during your consultation appointment.

Do NOT assume we have ready access to all of your health records or prior medical assessments.

Information from patients and caregivers that can be particularly helpful include:

  • A timeline and description of your symptoms, and in particular self-management, over the counter, and prescription treatments that you have already tried.  Be as specific as possible.
  • Ensuring that your primary care physician has sent us the medical notes from your other specialists especially cardiologists, allergists, ENT doctor, and rheumatologist.
  • Make sure you advise us of emergency room visits or admissions to any hospital in recent years.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Whether you have an in-person or virtual appointment, preparation is encouraged to ensure an optimal healthcare experience. Please click on the appropriate link below to review recommended pre-appointment considerations and activities.

Clinic & COVID-19 Updates

Patient Resources

Prepare for your Appointment

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In-Person Visit

Please note that in accordance with provincial regulations, all patients and employees are required to wear a mask while at the centre, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.  

To minimize waiting room crowding, we ask that you arrive at the clinic no more than 15 minutes before your in-person appointment. Please bring your medications and inhalers to the appointment.

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Virtual Visit

Virtual (telehealth) appointments can be arranged by phone or secure video conference. These types of visits mean that patients do not have to drive to MLHC, pay for parking, nor walk to or sit in a waiting room. Virtual visits also help reduce the spread of COVID-19, flu, and other infectious diseases. Doctors can also use telehealth appointments to pre-screen patients for possible infectious disease before visiting the clinic. Reducing exposure to other people’s germs helps everyone, especially individuals who are chronically ill, pregnant, elderly, or immunocompromised.

Please ensure you are well prepared for your virtual visit by reviewing the list below.  

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Preferred Video Conference Platform

Our clinic uses a secure healthcare privacy compliant platform that operates on most devices that have a microphone and camera. This includes iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows and Mac computers, and Chromebooks.

If you are using an app, you can download the 8×8 Meet app from your app store. 

From an internet browser go to: 8×8 meet or copy this link https://app.8×

You do NOT need to create an account. Select “Join Meeting” near the bottom of the sreen. 

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Secure Health Messaging

As consumer Email does not provide adequate safeguards and privacy protection, we prefer to use a tool that is integrated into our Electronic Medical Record system to transmit confidential health information to patients. We use a service called Medeo Health. The cost is covered by the Mississauga Lung Health Centre, and free to patients.

You do not need to register for an account in advance of your appointment.

The tool is available as a mobile app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Appropriate uses for Secure Messaging:

Please note that this link is only for NON URGENT administrative questions/requests. It is not to replace an in person medical visit. All messages are answered in 3-4 business days, during regular business hours. If you need urgent attention, please call the clinic during office hours or go to your nearest ER.

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Clinic & COVID-19 Updates

  • Given the rapidly changing landscape of the pandemic, we will not be posting COVID19 information on our website.
  • The clinic is open and select patients are being assessed in person at the Mississauga Lung Health Centre or at the outpatient clinic at the Queensway Health Centre (Trillium).  At this time, more than half of patients may be assessed effectively through telephone or video.
  • Our doctors and staff are monitoring their own health and will not be in the clinic should they be at risk of a COVID-19 infection themselves.
  • For COVID-19 vaccine and testing questions please check the Public Health Ontario website.
  • If you an existing patient with one of our physicians and have questions regarding your current health status and eligibility to take the vaccine or additional doses of vaccine, please call our office to make a appointment with your specialist.
  • If you require a prescription re-fill and need this urgently, please go to your family doctor.
  • Our clinic does not distribute and/or have access to any of the COVID-19 vaccines, PCR, or rapid antigen testing.

General information regarding COVID19 may be found here:

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